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Greetings Message - National Day


Greetings Message - National Day

Dear Compatriots, dear Friends of Mongolia,


by decision of the Italian authorities, this year our National Day will not be accompanied by public celebrations due to the health emergency.

In recent months Italy suffered the loss of tens of thousands of fellow citizens. The wounds that their disappearance left in their families and in our society are still open. Many doctors, nurses and volunteers lost their lives. The episodes of heroism were innumerable.

We share this tragedy with many other Nations.

We express our friendship and gratitude for all those who have shown solidarity and given help in the most dramatic moments.

Even if the celebrations will not have a public form, the values ​​of our Constitution ​​have never been so important: solidarity, work, defense of life, commitment to peace, balance with nature, dedication to Culture in its countless forms.

Republic Day was celebrated for the first time on June 1947, when Italy, after the Second World War, was preparing to face what would later become its magnificent future.

We must now face a second challenge. Our Country and all other Nations will overcome it, because no defeat can delay fate that humankind decides to choose.

Best wishes to all of you.



 Laura Bottà