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Investment opportunities


Investment opportunities

Since mid 2000s, Mongolia grabbed the attention of international investors thanks to its vast mineral resources and
its rapidly growing economy.


National Statistics Office of Mongolia (NSO) states that in 2017, GDP growth reached up to 5.1% and Italian Trade Commission forecasts a value between 3 and 5% towards 2018. In terms of foreign direct investment (FDI), the direct correlation showed, although according to Bank of Mongolia, as of 3rd quarter of 2017, foreign direct investment grew by 30% compared to the same period of 2016.


The Asian Development Bank website is a source of information for companies. It is possible to access the Project & Tenders section on the home page and where it is possibile to find the information on all available projects. On page 26 of the Operating Guide for development initiatives in the Asia-Pacific area, there is important information for Italian companies.


In order to facilitate investment, the Mongolian government has created this National Development Agency. This agency is destined to be the main partner for potential Italian investors.


The Parliament of Mongolia outlined development plan for the country and the capital city Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia Sustainable Development Vision 2030 project is aimed at the adoption of advanced high productivity technologies in all sectors and encourages innovative products and services. The vision provides details on different sectors as well as development phases. Ulaanbaatar 2020 Master Plan and Development Approaches for 2030 states the importance of the integrated road, rail and air transport network and shows the map of the planned roads and transportation systems. Furthermore, the plan covers the essential development areas.

 However, thorough analysis and knowledge of the country is recommended before starting investments.